Social Theory as a Renegade Student

I got a first wave of sociology books late last year and finally finished the last of them over Christmas. The books are as follows: Social theory in the real world by Steven MilesThinking Sociologically by Zygmunt Bauman and Tim MayThe Sociological Quest by Evan WillisIntroducing Social Theory by Pip Jones and Liz BradburySociological Theory … Continue reading Social Theory as a Renegade Student

I've never believed that people can transition between races the same way we can transition between genders, but I haven't been able to express why. I did some reading today and now I think I understand. Though both are socially constructed, the process of construction is different in each case. You fall into racial categories … Continue reading

Thoughts on Fathers and Sons, Chapters I-XI

Turgenev's Fathers and Sons involves the following characters: Nikolai Petrovich, barin (literally master) of the estate Marino; Paul Petrovich, his bachelor brother, a retired soldier; Arkady, Nikolai's son, a recent graduate; Bazarov, his friend and fellow graduate; and Thenichka, Nikolai's young wife (about the same age as the graduates), to whom he's been married just … Continue reading Thoughts on Fathers and Sons, Chapters I-XI

Introducing Turgenev (and Russia before the Bolsheviks)

I started reading Fathers and Sons today. It's a novel by Ivan Turgenev, published in 1862. The introduction reminded me that I must learn more about nineteenth century Russia, or pre-Bolshevik Russia more generally. It said that they abandoned serfdom in that century and that Turgenev, though associated primarily with the left, had some sort … Continue reading Introducing Turgenev (and Russia before the Bolsheviks)

Design through Erasure: If Found…

This game has a gentle atmosphere overall, but it deals with some emotionally challenging subject matter, involving difficult conversations with family. I discovered the game after it was mentioned by fellow blogger Kel in their recent blog post. Photograph by Karolina Grabowska If Found... is a game by Dublin-based studio dreamfeel. I won't discuss the … Continue reading Design through Erasure: If Found…

Language and Dreaming in Posy Simmonds’ Gemma Bovery

Gemma Bovery is a comic by English cartoonist Posy Simmonds. Originally serialised in The Guardian, it tells the story of the last years in the life of Gemma, an Englishwoman who moves to the Normandy countryside with her new husband, Charlie Bovery. Simmonds tells her story through beautiful pencil drawings combined with text captions and … Continue reading Language and Dreaming in Posy Simmonds’ Gemma Bovery

[ePortfolio]Summing up: An Internal Monoblog Retrospective

I've had an interesting relationship with the blogging. I published a total of nine posts since I started, the last three of which hit in the space of a week. I honestly planned on keeping a more regular schedule this month but then, for obvious reasons, I spent more and more time inside. Without the … Continue reading [ePortfolio]Summing up: An Internal Monoblog Retrospective