Why a blog?

My name’s James. I’m doing an MA in Irish Writing and Film at the university in Cork, Ireland. I suppose I do have to do this for the course but really it’s high time I started a blog. I write a lot of stuff in notebooks and such to the extent that even when I start writing personal stuff I slip straight into the flow of paragraphs and arguments. I also lecture my family and friends on stuff that I really should just be writing out long-form.

So if you read the blog, support it and so on, you’re saving many people a lot of time and energy. Also, I’m gonna make it interesting too. I mean interesting to me, of course, but I hope that’ll be interesting to you as well.

That’s why I’m calling this internal monoblog, because really I’m writing the sort of stuff I’m thinking about every day.

All right, I think that’s enough. Back to blogging!


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